Dalvin Cook Celebrates Breakout Year W/ Insane Diamond Pendant, ‘The Chef!’

The Minnesota Vikings superstar — who’s in the middle of a crazy year with nearly 1,500 yards from scrimmage and 11 TDs — hit up Luxe Jewelers in Atlanta to have a piece done to commemorate his awesome 2019. TMZ Sports has learned Dalvin specifically wanted a pendant of him in a chef hat — his nickname, after all, is “The Chef” — and the jeweler, Ali G, delivered. As for the iced out Cuban link chain that holds the pendant, we’re told it has 2400 diamonds that weigh 25 carats!!! Cook also did some more jewelry shoppin’ while he was getting the chain done … we’re told he bought a Rolex and a baguette bracelet to go along with the insane piece. No word on the cost of it all … but don’t worry, 24-year-old Cook is in the middle of a 4-year, $6 MILLION deal — so the dude can afford it!!! Bangles Latest Designs Fashion Accessories, Jewelry Sets, Key Chain, Mony Clip – Minggui Jewelry,https://www.jewellrylove.com/

Adam Driver Has a Star Wars Key Chain in The Dead Don’t Die Search Close Search Close

Nothing is quite as it seems in Jim Jarmuschs’s latest, The Dead Don’t Die, which premiered at Cannes on Tuesday to lukewarm applause and a relatively short standing O (but no boos!). That’s true on several levels — and some of them are mildly spoiler-y, so check out now if you’d rather remain in complete suspense. On its most basic level, the film is a gently comedic take on the classic zombie movie, following an outbreak of the undead in a small town referred to only as “Centerville, USA.” The town — which is explicitly shown to have just one diner, one gas station, one motel, one juvenile-detention center, and one funeral home — is an obvious Twin Peaks reference, complete with eccentric locals and more than a hint of the uncanny. Bill Murray is Cliff Robertson (named after the late American actor), our faithful if slightly out-of-touch sheriff; Adam Driver is Ronnie Peterson, his preternaturally calm deputy; Chloë Sevigny is Mindy Morrison, a fellow officer who’s not exactly ready to take on reanimated corpses. All three are investigating some strange deaths at the local diner, odd animal disappearances, and shifts in the Sun’s hours of operation when things go full George R...