Some see the reduction in GigaFactory first phase and ho-hum Model 3 introduction date as negatives for Tesla.

A thoughtful look at these events and their timing suggests something different, and extremely significant for investors.

Tesla's Model S and Model X threaten industry disruption. But real disruption won't happen until BEVs become cheaper to make than ICE cars.

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Analysis of recent events indicates GigaFactory batteries will make Tesla's Model 3 the first BEV across the disruption threshold.

The Nevada GigaFactory, SuperChargers and Sales and Support position Tesla to exploit and profit from auto industry disruption that will soon be upon the industry.

There are now solid indicators that Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) will obtain much higher energy, much less costly batteries from their GigaFactory. These advanced batteries will be so good that Tesla's Model 3, even versions

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